Organize a Blood Drive, Get a Scholarship

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Blood donations are always needed. Maybe you’ve already heard some the statistics: A single car accident victim may need up to 100 units of blood or somewhere in the U.S., every 2 seconds, someone needs blood. If you’re waiting for the perfect season or the right time to attend a blood drive, the time is now. If you need more incentive, the American Red Cross is giving away $8,000 in scholarships for high school and college students across the U.S. The Leaders Save Lives program is an opportunity for students to be part of something valuable and gain community service experience when they organize a blood drive between December 15, 2015 and January 15, 2016. For eligible individuals who feel charitable, particularly during the holiday season, a blood drive is a perfect opportunity to give without spending money or sacrificing too much of a busy schedule.

What’s Your Excuse?


People are hesitant to give blood for a variety of reasons, many based on fear of the unknown and myths surrounding blood donations. (Check out our post: Myths About Blood Donation)


Before you make the quick decision to opt out on donating a pint, think about your own life or the life of a loved one. What if you were in a tragic accident and needed a blood transfusion? That simple procedure is the one thing that can determine life or death. Many blood donors give after they received a life saving transfusion. You don’t need to be saved by blood to give blood. If you’re still struggling to attend a blood drive, what’s your excuse?


“ My blood type is wrong.”: There’s no such thing as a wrong blood type. Whether you

have a common or rare blood type, there’s a need for it all over the country.


“ I’m busy.”: If you think you’re busy, join the club. If you’re a student, a teacher, a

parent, a doctor, you can find time to donate blood in your day. Think of all the time you spend scrolling through social media sites or doing things for yourself. Now think about the lives that can be saved just because you took the time; it only takes about an hour.


“ I had a bad experience.”: Giving blood makes a lot of donors nervous, but many

overcome the nerves and have good experiences. Some donors become uncomfortable,

scared, or have difficult veins, making their blood giving experience less than pleasant.

Fortunately, a majority of experiences are free from problems or discomfort. Give it a

second chance!


Make a Difference


Many young people don’t feel like they have many opportunities to make a difference in the world, particularly when it comes to financial donations. Giving blood does make a difference and it’s a wonderful first step in becoming a humanitarian. Not only will it look good on college and job applications, you can feel better about taking the time to think of others and sparing a pint to save a life.


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