What to Bring as You Give Blood

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Donating blood does the world a lot of good. You know that. But frankly, the actual experience of donating blood can be a little dull. When you donate blood, you sit down and wait for the blood to ooze out into the containers. Great work, sure, but it’s not necessarily a great time.


But if you are creative, you can come up all sorts of fun things to do while donating blood. Sitting in a chair doesn’t have to be a slog. Most people sit in place over the course of their days, and they do just fine. Here a few ways to stay entertained while donating blood.


Bring a Book to Read

People always complain about not having enough time to read the books they are interested in. Well, here’s their opportunity. According to the Red Cross, donating blood takes about an hour and fifteen minutes. Sitting in place for that amount of time will give you plenty of mental space to get deep into a book. Bring a novel, bring some investigative journalism, or bring a few books. Books are a wonderful way to spend your time giving blood. You’ll do good for the world while having fun at the same time.


Bring Schoolwork

School work can be boring. It’s hard to find time to sit down and dig your way through your readings and writings. Luckily for blood donors, they’ve got over an hour to sit around and do a whole lot of nothing. Not everyone can have fun while donating blood, so why not get some busywork done? Your grades will improve and while you improve the nation’s blood supply.


Bring Professional Work

One of the great things about the modern workplace is that so many people can take it with them, even when they leave the office. Bring your laptop and work on a report the next time you donate blood. If your company policy allows for it, you might even be able to do your work on the clock. not every workplace allows for remote work, but it’s worth asking your boss about. You’ll add to the public health while getting paid.


Bring a Friend

Why not make a social occasion out of giving blood? If you and your friends go together, you’ll pass the time quickly. Talking to friends about your usual topics will make it go by in no time. And maybe you’ll even get to know some of the blood donation staff—they might be grateful to have someone to talk to. They’re bored at work, after all. One other plus of bringing a group to donate blood together is that the blood banks will get even more stock.


Browse the Net

If you bring your computer with you, problem solved! If the station is wireless-equipped, bring your laptop. If not, bring your smartphone. In either case, you’ll have the entire internet in your hands. And who could get bored with that? The internet is one of the most entertaining technologies in the world. Use it.

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